Members of FAST WAKE-UP Society, under the supervision of their faculty advisor Ms. Maryam Ali Khan, arranged “Spring Festival 2017” to welcome the season of colours and fragrance. A colour week was observed before the festival. The campus was beautifully decorated with colorful hangings, kites and balloons to depict the hue of spring. The students were given a specific theme for each day and they all wore the same colour. Games and activities were arranged for the colour week. This colour week was concluded with a grand “Spring Festival 2017” on March 29, 2017.

Th e students participated in the “Spring Festival 2017” with zeal and enthusiasm. The festival included kite flying, delicious food stalls, music and fireworks. Colourful kites were seen flying in air which was filled with energizing tune of the music and tempting aroma of the scrumptious food. The event was concluded with fireworks. All the students were oblivious to their surrounding and enjoyed the ambiance of colours, music and fun.