Program Info

    • Develop a interdisciplinary program that delivers profound understanding of the robotic system design by incorporating the relevant aspects of mathematics, mechanics, electronics, and computer science.
    • Disseminate quality robotics education to enable our graduates to create cost-effective automated work environment that safely integrates the humans and robots for the industries.
    • Develop state of the art curriculum that emphasizes practical applications and provides hands-on experience.

Program Objectives

    • Develop expertise in robotics and automation in a broad range of industries
    • Design path planning algorithms and control systems for robotic systems
    • Effective communicate ideas in robotics to an interdisciplinary corporate environment
    • Utilize robotic systems in home and industrial automation.
    • Contribute as team leaders in the socio-economic development at national and international level.

Career Opportunities

The BS (Robotics) degree program is designed to create human resources for the local and global job market. The graduates can work in a wide number of engineering firms as programmers, system design engineers, product testing & maintenance engineers, automation field specialists, and application engineers. With higher studies, they can also pursue a stable career in academia, research & development, project management, and can even start their entrepreneurial ventures.

Award of Degree

For the award of BS (Internet of Things) degree, a student must have:

    • Passed courses totalling at least 130 credit hours, including all core courses
    • Obtained a CGPA of at least 2.00.

Tentative Study Plan

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