Campus Harassment Inquiry Committee

The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES), Peshawar Campus is committed to fostering an all-inclusive and supportive learning and working environment. In compliance with the Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) Policy on Protection against Sexual Harassment in Higher Education Institutions, NUCES has a zero-tolerance policy for any untoward conduct that violates the dignity of any individual within the campus. As such, all matters of harassment, fooling, intimidation, discrimination on gender / ethnic grounds, and social pressure are addressed through this policy.

The campus has developed processes and procedures to handle complaints efficiently, confidentially, and fairly through the HEC policy. The following mechanisms for complaints can be followed:

    1. For students, all such complaints can be referred to Director campus through department HoD.
    2. For staff/faculty, all such cases can be referred directly to the Director campus.
    3. For female privacy reasons, complaints can be referred to Director campus through Ms. Maria Ibrar (Manager QEC).

Complaints are then referred by Director campus to the Campus Harassment Inquiry Committee (CHIC), whose members are the following officials:

    1. Dr. Ihsan Ullah (Convener & Assistant Professor, S&H Department)
    2. Dr. Muhammad Nauman (Member & Associate Professor, CS Department)
    3. Mrs. Sara Rehmat (Member & Lecturer, CS Department)

Record keeping work is done by Mr. Mujadid Shah (PS Director). The CHIC investigative process is designed to be confidential and fair. TOR’s for its working are defined in the HEC policy documents shared below. For further information about policies and/or case history, please contact Dr. Ihsan Ullah (Convener CHIC) on

Important Documents

# Document Name Access Method
1 HEC Policy Guidelines on Harassment
2 Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act, 2010
3 Training/Seminar Material for Awareness