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A class of exact solutions of second grade fluidA M Siddiqui, M Kamranalam, Manzoor Elahi
A combined approach for genome wide protein function annotation/predictionA Benso, S Di Carlo, H Ur Rehman, G Politano, A Savino, P Suravajhala
A Complete Behavioral Measurement and Reporting: Optimized for Mobile DevicesT Ali, MFA Zuhairi, J Ali, S Musa, M Nauman
A mixed mid-point Runge-Kutta like scheme for the integration of Landau-Lifshitz equationA Rahim, C Ragusa, B Jan, O Khan
A mutual demagnetizing tensor for n-body magnetic field modelingO Khan, C Ragusa, F Khan, B Montrucchio
A mutual demagnetizing tensor for patterned dots with rhomboid lattice geometriesC Ragusa, O Khan
A New and Reliable Modification of Homotopy Perturbation MethodMubashir Qayyum, Hamid Khan, Omar Khan
A note on degree distance of 4-cyclic graphsNadia Khan, M.T. Rahim, Z. Rata
A Novel Energy Efficient Object Detection and Image Transmission Approach for Wireless Multimedia Sensor NetworksYU Rehman, M Tariq, T Sato
A Proposed Least Cost Framework of Irrigation Control System Based on Sensor Network for Efficient Water Management in PakistanSultanullah Jadoon, Salman Faiz Solehria, Mubashir Qayum
A realistic communication model for distributed error-prone wireless sensor networksM Tariq, M Macuha, P Yong-Jin, S Takuro
A scalable and privacy preserving remote attestation mechanismT Ali, M Alam, M Nauman, T Ali, M Ali, S Anwar
A sense of others: behavioral attestation of unix processes on remote platformsTA Syed, R Ismail, S Musa, M Nauman, S Khan
A service-oriented, cyber-physical reference model for smart gridMU Tariq, S Grijalva, M Wolf
A Structure based Approach for Accurate Prediction of Protein Interactions NetworksNI Hafeez UR REHMAN, Usman ZAFAR, Alfredo BENSO
A three-way approach for learning rules in automatic knowledge-based topic modelsMT Khan, N Azam, S Khalid, JT Yao
A three-way approach for protein function classificationHU Rehman, N Azam, JT Yao, A Benso
A Three-Way Decision Making Approach to Malware AnalysisM Nauman, N Azam, JT Yao
A Three-way Decision Making Approach to Malware Analysis Using Probabilistic Rough SetsM Nauman, N Azam, JT Yao