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A three-way approach for protein function classificationHU Rehman, N Azam, JT Yao, A Benso
A Three-Way Decision Making Approach to Malware AnalysisM Nauman, N Azam, JT Yao
A Three-way Decision Making Approach to Malware Analysis Using Probabilistic Rough SetsM Nauman, N Azam, JT Yao
A Three-Way Decision Making Approach to Protein Functions ClassificationN Azam, HU Rehman
Accounting for post-transcriptional regulation in boolean networks based regulatory modelsA Benso, S Di Carlo, HU Rehman, GMM Politano, A Savino, G Squillero, ...
Accurate Monitoring and Fault Detection in Wind Measuring Devices through Wireless Sensor NetworksKS Khan, M Tariq
An accessible formal specification of the UML and OCL meta-model in Isabelle/HOLT Ali, M Nauman, M Alam
An Adaptive Blind Single Antenna Interference Cancellation Algorithm for 4G LTE SystemsZ Zhou, Y Jiang, M Tariq, Y Li, T Sato
An agent-based simulation framework for complex systemsA Savino, GMM Politano, HU Rehman, S Di Carlo, A Benso
An axisymmetric squeezing fluid flow between the two infinite parallel plates in a porous medium channelS Islam, H Khan, IA Shah, G Zaman
An Efficient Adaptive Window Size Selection Method for Improving Spectrogram VisualizationS Nisar, OU Khan, M Tariq
an Efficient and Generic algorithm for Matrix InversionA Farooq, K Hamid, IA Shah
An Efficient and Simple Algorithm for Matrix InversionA Farooq, K Hamid
An Energy Efficient Clustering Scheme in Wireless Sensor NetworksAK Paul, M Tariq, Y Li, T Sato
An energy estimation model for mobile sensor networksM Tariq, M Macuha, YJ Park, T Sato
An expanded evaluation of protein function prediction methods shows an improvement in accuracyY Jiang, TR Oron, WT Clark, AR Bankapur, D D’Andrea, R Lepore, ...
An improved unscented Kalman filter based dynamic state estimation algorithm for electric distribution systemsF Ahmad, K Muhammad Abdul Rashid, A Rasool, EE Ozsoy, A Şabanoviç, ...
An Overview of the Smart GridT Sato, DM Kammen, B Duan, M Macuha, Z Zhou, J Wu, M Tariq, ...
An upper bound for the radio number of generalized gear graphM. Ali, M.T. Rahim
Analysis of Dalvik virtual machine and class path libraryS Khan, S Khan, H Banuri, M Nauman, M Alam