Welcome and Farewell

Organize welcome party for newly enrolled students.

Arrange farewell party for graduating students. Organize any other party as asked for.

      • Asst Prof Rahat Ehsan
      • Asst Prof Maqsood M. khan
      • Asst Manager Admin Saleem
      • Lab Instructor Yousaf

Adventure Society

Organize short trips for recreational purpose.

Plan final year trip for graduating students. Coordinate foreign trip when approved by H.O.

      • Assoc Prof Dr. Hafeez
      • Asst Prof Shoaib Khan
      • Lecturer M. Kamil
      • Lab Engr Anum
      • Lab Engr Nauman Shabbir

Sports Society

Organize all types of sports competitions on the campus for own students.

Arrange Inter FAST Fixture for all campuses. Purchase of sports gears.

Sending students for competitions in other campuses & institutions.

      • Lab Engr Waseemullah
      • Instructor Safia
      • Hamid Mansoor
      • Miraj Ahmad


Plan and conduct E-gaming competitions for own students on campus.

Prepare and send own students for taking part in competitions organized by other campuses or universities.

      • Asst Prof Fazal. M. Ali
      • Lecturer Syed Mohsin Shah
      • Lab Instructor Waqas
      • Lab Engr Nauman Shabbir

Islamic Events Society

Organize Qirrat and Naat competitions.

Arrangement of Mehfil-e-Eid Milad-un-Nabi.

Any other religious events.

      • Asst. Prof. Fazl-e-Basit
      • Asst Prof Dr. Nauman Azam
      • Asst Prof Ajmal Farooq

Software Competition

Organize software competitions in the campus.

Prepare students for competitions held in other campuses or universities.

      • Asst Prof Dr Awais
      • Instructor Safia Fatima

SOUL & Wake Up and FAST Creative Society (FCS)

Arrange debating competition for own students.

Organize Inter-Collegiate and Inter-Universities Poetry contest and Mushaira.

Sending students for debating contests in other universities.

Organize competitions like Poster Making, Landscaping, Face Painting, Live Drawing and Drama.

Conduct Mega Art events of National level.

      • Lecturer Maryam Ali
      • Lab Engr Muneeb Sohail
      • Lab Instructor Hamza

NUTEC Society

Plan and Organize NUTEC. Find donors for NUTEC. Performance of metal activities.

      • Asst Prof Dr. Usman Habib
      • Asst Prof Mohsin Kamal
      • Lab Engr Nauman Shabbir


Promotional of professional bodies.

      • Asst Prof Dr. Usman Habib
      • Asst Prof Mohsin Kamal

FAST Engineering Society (FES)

Arranging engineering competitions and workshops.

Arranging Industrial tours.

Arranging Lectures on Engineering.

Arranging Career Counseling Seminars.

Guiding senior students about scholarships & admissions etc.

Inviting faculty members to discuss their research with students.

      • Asst Prof Dr. Salman Ali
      • Asst Prof Maqsood Khan
      • Lab Engineer Usman Abbasi
      • Lab Engr Anum

FAST Metal Society

Organize musical functions

      • Asst Prof Mohsin Kamal

Society for Web Development

To maintain the official university presence on the Web (University Website, Groups, Social Sites).

To maintain the un-official university presence on the LAN (University Website, Information Management Systems).

To educate students about various Web technologies, their usage and implementation by offering short courses and workshops.

To continuously evaluate and keep an eye on latest web technologies that can be used to facilitate the responsibilities (1 to 3).

      • Dr. Omar Usman Khan
      • Asst Prof Dr .Taimoor Khan ( Designer)
      • Miraj Ahmad (Update)
      • Muneeba Anwar

FAST External Event Society (FEES)

Make students and the concerned Students Societies aware of the external events which are held outside the campus.

Names of participating students would be obtained from the concerned Students Societies and then other processing is done as per SOP.

Coordinate with the host community of the respective event and clear every type of ambiguity regarding any event being held

Motivate the bright students who are hesitant to display their ideas/projects.

With the coordination of the faculty advisor, prepare estimated budget and get it approved from the Director.

Arrange the best available resources for the transport and stay for the students.

Regulation of the team selected.

Ensure that the students selected for the event participate.

Providing the report of the event after the arrival to the Administration.

To make sure that discipline is maintained during the event.

      • Asst Prof DR. Nauman Azam
      • Asst Prof Asif Iqbal
      • Asst Prof Rahat Ehsan
      • Asst Prof Shakir Ullah
      • Asst Muhammad Amin
      • Lab Engr Muneeb

Event Security Team

To plan and make arrangement for provision of security during any event conducted on the campus

      • Asst Prof Suleman Mir
      • Asst Prof M. Amin
      • Lecturer Osama
      • Lecturer Ali Abbas

FAST Hope Society

The society will consist of following four community services modules:-

  • a - Project50Kids.
  • b - Blood-Donors and Blood Camps.
  • c - I practice Kindness.
  • d - Plantation Drive industrial Road.
      • Dr. Ajmal Farooq
      • Dr. M. Nauman
      • Asst Prof M. Waqas
      • Lecturer Abida Farid
      • Patron. Director