Vision & Mission


Support the university‘s vision by adapting best practices suggested by accreditation bodies while conforming with the university policies.


Adapt existing state-of-the-art higher education quality improvement strategies, while engaging with all stakeholders.


      • Enhancing the pedagogical skills of the instructors to achieve learning outcomes of curriculum and effectively engage with the students.
      • Provide coaching related to the processes and procedures prescribed by the accreditation bodies, to the academic staff.
      • To communicate and coordinate with all the stakeholders (students, instructors, staff, alumni, employers, subject experts, etc.) for feedback with the aim of improvement of education quality.
      • Formulate analytical reports extracted from the received feedback from the stakeholders, i.e., surveys related to infrastructure, teacher evaluation, alumni, employer etc., and provide recommendations to the statutory bodies of the university.
      • Promote automation of quality-related processes to develop an effective, viable, and sustainable ecosystem of quality assurance at the university.
      • Ensuring the compliance of quality assurance procedures in accordance with the guidelines provided by HEC and accreditation councils.
      • Provide assistance to academic departments to meet the expectations of accreditation bodies In terms of data gathering and reporting.
      • Tailor curricular and co-curricular activities to meet the requirements of ranking organizations.