The performance of students is assessed during the semester through mid term tests, assignments, quizzes, case studies or any other method considered appropriate by the course instructor and the University, This shall be communicated to the students at the start of a course. For almost all courses, the semester work will contribute 50% towards the final grade, while the final examination will contribute the remaining 50% of the total marks. A letter grade will be awarded to each student based on his/her overall academic performance in a course.

Description of Grades

The Grade Point Average calculation ensures a continuous scale for the respective grades. The grade issued by the University will be final. .Two types of averages will be computed for the grades obtained by each student, the Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) and the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).SGPA is the weighted average of grade points earned in a semester. The weights are taken as the ratio of course credits to the total credits taken by the student in the semester.

For example, a student who takes four courses in a semester with credit hours of C1, C2, C3 and C4 obtaining grade point of P1, P2, P3 and P4 respectively will score an SGPA of

Note: The minimum passing grade for MS and PhD programs is C.

SGPA = P1 (C1/C) +P2 (C2/C)+P3(C3/C)+P4(C4/C)

The following may also appear against a course in the transcript.
Letter Code Interpretation



A+, A, A-Excellent
B+, B, B-Good
C+, CAdequate
C-, D+, DInadequate, the student is advised to repeat the course
FAFail due to attendance shortage
FFailure, the student must repeat the course
S / USatisfactory / Unsatisfactory
CRContinuing Research

The CGPA is calculated for all semesters cumulatively using grade points of all the courses taken by a student. For such courses that have been repeated, only the most recent grade points are used, even if they are less than the earlier attempts.

The following points need to be noted.

  • “W” will appear as a grade in the transcript like any other grade.
  • “I” will appear as a temporary grade in the transcript subject to change to the grade awarded. Grade “I” shall automatically convert to an “F” grade before the end of the next semester.
  • Repeat courses will be indicated on the transcript together with the repeat count.
  • “S” or “U” will only be awarded for Graduate Thesis work and would not be considered towards CGPA calculation.

Warning / Probation

  1. At the end of every semester (including the first semester and summer semesters), warning is issued provided the CGPA of a student is less than the minimum required for the degree program.
  2. A student with a warning cannot register in a subsequent semester without approval of the relevant Head of Department or any other senior faculty nominated by him.
  3. After each semester (including the summer or the first semester), if the CGPA of a student is less than the required minimum, the Warning Count increases by one.
  4. If Warning Count becomes three, the admission of student at the University is closed.
  5. If the CGPA equals or exceeds the required minimum, the Warning Count becomes zero.
Minimum CGPA required to avoid Warning2.
Minimum Grade required to pass a course1.0 (D grade)2.5 (C grade)2.5 (C grade)3.0 (B- grade)
Maximum duration allowed to complete degree7 years3 years4 years6 years

The admission will be cancelled automatically after completion of maximum duration allowed to earn a degree.

Repeating a Course

  1. A student may be allowed to repeat a course if:
    • The student had registered for that course, but failed to pass the course.
    • The student wants to improve his/her grade.
  2. The student must repeat a course within a year from the date of last registration in that course.
  3. Repeat count will appear in the transcript against the repeated course.
  4. A student cannot improve grade after completing degree requirements.
Students Not Under Academic WarningStudents Under Academic Warning
MUST RepeatMay RepeatMUST Repeat
BBA/BSFD, D+, C-F,D,D+, C-
PhDFC, C+, B-F, C, C+, B-

Incomplete Course

A student may request an extension in the final examination for genuine reasons subject to the following.

  1. An “I” grade will be given for the affected course provided he/she has satisfactorily met all other requirements for the course except the final examination.
  2. The “I” grade will be converted to appropriate grade before the end of next semester.