National University of Computer & Emerging sciences, Peshawar Campus organized an Alumni Homecoming to coordinate alumni activities at the campus on Friday, April 6, 2018. The planned objective was to interact with the alumni, planning future events, conducting Alumni Satisfaction Survey, taking Alumni Feedback etc.  Majority of the faculty member and around 50 Alumni from different batches participated. The alumni were entertained through SUFI NIGHT. The event was stimulating and enjoyable and simultaneously profitable as all members shared their views and good numbers of new ideas, information and insights came up. The alumni were hopeful to run and successfully structure an association and position itself into a fully functional global platform which will help the graduated as well as current students in finding jobs or financial assistance in case of emergencies etc. They agreed to elect their representatives. Many alumni had a fruitful discussion with the faculty and administration and gave many useful suggestions for the improvement of the campus.  Finally, the alumni and faculty had a dinner together.