A team of Peshawar campus attended a two days workshop on the topic “THE NITTY-GRITTY OF PUBLIC SPEAKING” on September 10-11, 2018. The main theme of the workshop was public dealing and communication skills. It was a very fruitful event and following are the key points that we learned:

Communicating a Person for the First Time:

  1. Always welcome others with a smiley face
  2. During communication keep the environment-friendly and pleasant.
  3. While communicating with others always keep “Eye Contact”.
  4. Listen to others with respect and attention.
  5. Be confident and always be prepared about the Job/Task/Topic you are dealing with.
  6. Be polite in response and never use harsh attitude.

Dealing with Colleagues in an Organization:

  1. If there is a difference of opinion, even then accept others with respect.
  2. Be friendly and supportive.
  3. Always own your duty/job assigned to you. Never consider it as a “BURDEN”.
  4. Promote the culture of mutual cooperation.
  5. Always be positive and act positively.
  6. Create a better environment around yourself.