Student Cafeteria

Campus has a cafeteria for students and staff where all cultural and traditional foods are available according to student’s taste, with cyclic menu. Cafeteria is completely Air Conditioned and also possess a table tennis table.

WiFi Internet

Campus has a hi-speed WI-FI internet facility available for student’s internet access, LAN based ports are also available. This facility is accessible throughout the campus.

Bus Facility

The University provides transport to pick and drop students from selected points on self-finance basis. There are two buses for this purpose, which cover almost all the areas of Peshawar.


There is a campus e-library where students can access all course books as well as reference book of their prospective courses. This is only accessible in campus premises.

Print Corner

Campus has a printing and photocopy corner where students can conveniently print and photocopy their assignments, study materials and other co-curricular tasks.

Computer Labs

Campus provides computer facility along with internet access in computer labs where students can utilize computers for their academic, as well as personal purposes.

NeON Portal

FAST University has online NeON portal where student’s attendance and grades are consecutively updated for complete record and for student’s access.

Sports Area

Campus has sports area where students can do extra-curricular activities. Sports area includes, Basket Ball Court, Volley Ball field, Badminton Court and Table Tennis Table(s) as well as a futsal ground.


Campus’ classrooms are completely equipped with projectors. Lectures are delivered on presentation slides, these projectors are also used for extra co-curricular activities too.

FBO Movie

FAST Box Office organize to play different interactive Hollywood movies as well as academic documentaries frequently on the basis of a prescribed schedule after university time.

SLATE Access

University is using slate as an online learning management system, where students have access to lectures, assignments, announcements and grades

Social Societies

There are different social societies in campus for student’s grooming, learning and enhancing organizational and other skills. They are also for enjoyment and fun.

Boy’s Lobby

University main building possess a Boy’s Lobby where students are provided with comfortable couches and tables. They can spend spare time in studying and gossiping with fellows.

Girl’s Common Room

Campus has a Girl’s Common Room where all the female students of campus can sit and spend spare time in studying and doing fun activities. The room is equipped with Gym equipment and board games items.

Parking Area

University has a secure parking facility in the campus; for staff, faculty and students of the campus.

Events at FAST-NUCES Peshawar

  • NUTEC – Mega event
  • Annual Convocation
  • Annual Welcome and Farewell parties
  • Inter and Intra campus sporting events
  • Musical night and cultural shows