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A robust cascaded controller for DC-DC Boost and Cuk convertersF Ahmad, F Ahmad, A Rasool, A Rasool, EE Ozsoy, EE Ozsoy, ...
A scalable and privacy preserving remote attestation mechanismT Ali, M Alam, M Nauman, T Ali, M Ali, S Anwar
A sense of others: behavioral attestation of unix processes on remote platformsTA Syed, R Ismail, S Musa, M Nauman, S Khan
A service-oriented, cyber-physical reference model for smart gridMU Tariq, S Grijalva, M Wolf
A Structure based Approach for Accurate Prediction of Protein Interactions NetworksNI Hafeez UR REHMAN, Usman ZAFAR, Alfredo BENSO
A Study to Examine If Integration of Technology Acceptance Model's (TAM) Features Help in Building a Hybrid Digital Business Ecosystem Framework for Small and...MAT Khalil, PDD Dominic, H Kazemian, U Habib
A Three Phase Interleaved Boost Converter with L & C Voltage Extension MechanismA Farooq, C He, G Chen
A three-phase four-wire three-level active power filter based on one-cycle controlJ Hu, Z Sun, A Farooq, G Chen
A three-phase interleaved floating output boost converterA Farooq, Z Malik, D Qu, Z Sun, G Chen
A three-way approach for learning rules in automatic knowledge-based topic modelsMT Khan, N Azam, S Khalid, JT Yao
A three-way approach for protein function classificationHU Rehman, N Azam, JT Yao, A Benso
A three-way clustering approach for handling missing data using GTRSMK Afridi, N Azam, JT Yao, E Alanazi
A Three-Way Decision Making Approach to Malware AnalysisM Nauman, N Azam, JT Yao
A Three-way Decision Making Approach to Malware Analysis Using Probabilistic Rough SetsM Nauman, N Azam, JT Yao
A Three-Way Decision Making Approach to Protein Functions ClassificationN Azam, HU Rehman
Accounting for post-transcriptional regulation in boolean networks based regulatory modelsA Benso, S Di Carlo, HU Rehman, GMM Politano, A Savino, G Squillero, ...
Accurate Monitoring and Fault Detection in Wind Measuring Devices through Wireless Sensor NetworksKS Khan, M Tariq
An accessible formal specification of the UML and OCL meta-model in Isabelle/HOLT Ali, M Nauman, M Alam
An Adaptive Blind Single Antenna Interference Cancellation Algorithm for 4G LTE SystemsZ Zhou, Y Jiang, M Tariq, Y Li, T Sato
An agent-based simulation framework for complex systemsA Savino, GMM Politano, HU Rehman, S Di Carlo, A Benso